About us

Our mission is to provide the highest quality compounded veterinary medications customized by our skilled pharmacists and tailored to each patient’s unique and individual requirements, whether that be a zoo animal or your precious furbaby.

We offer prompt, consistent and affordable compounding services to veterinarians and pet owners.

Veterinary compounding requires extra training and knowledge beyond what is traditionally taught to pharmacists. All our pharmacists and compounding technicians have received extensive training in pharmaceutical compounding and regularly keep up to date with the latest developments by attending medical conferences and seminars across Australia and keeping abreast of relevant journals and published texts.

Commitment and years of experience in veterinary compounding allow us to offer a truly caring and individual service to both veterinarians and pet owners.

Meet The Team


Proprietor and Compounding Pharmacist B Pharm Hons MPS FRAAM ABAAHP Diplomat


Consulting and Compounding Pharmacist B Pharm


Compounding Pharmacist B Pharm MPS


Compounding Pharmacist B Pharm PhD


Compounding Technician