Medicated Treats For Pets

Medicated treats for pets

In a perfect world, you would be popping your cat or dog’s medication in their dinner bowl and walking away, happy in the knowledge it will be gone in seconds.

We all know this rarely is the case, but what if the medicine came in a tasty treat?
At Atara Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy, we use concentrated, natural air-dried proteins such as beef and fish to make our custom compounded treats as tasty as possible, with a formula unique to us.

Bear in mind, not all pet medicines can be given as a treat. For a medicine to be able to be given as a treat, there are a few criteria it must meet.

Medicated treats for pets need to be reasonably palatable to start with. Although many dogs will happily eat chicken poop, many more will rapidly become world class dining critics when it comes to something we actually want them to eat! And we all know cats can be the world champions of fussy eaters.

Drugs are by nature poisons, and their taste is nature’s deterrent. Some need their taste completely covered by a capsule shell. Other drugs are simply too hazardous to people to be handled as a treat

The dose of the drug is important too. The bigger the dose the bigger the treat that might be required to be sufficient to hide the drug properly.

A handy tip to encourage the medicated treat to be accepted in a fussy pet is to offer an unmedicated one first, followed by the medicated one in quick succession. Blank treats can be supplied on request for a minimal cost.

Call or email us to find out if your cat or dogs medicine can be made into a tasty treat.