Our mission is to provide the highest quality compounded veterinary medications customized by our skilled pharmacists and tailored to each patient’s unique and individual requirements, whether that be a zoo animal or your precious furbaby.


Here at ATARA Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy, we have the experience, the commitment and the care to provide the best compounded products possible, for our animal clients

We all know the jokes about trying to medicate a cat, but that is not the only problem veterinarians face when deciding on the best treatments for their animal patients.

Can you imagine giving a 10mL dose to a canary or large capsule to a guinea pig? What if that is the only way the medicine is available?

Veterinarians face tremendous challenges when treating the vast array of sizes and types of animals they see.

Often, they are forced to use medicines designed for much larger human patients with flavours, fillers and sizes not appropriate for a cat, dog, bird, rabbit or horse. For many species there are no commercially manufactured medicines at all.

What kind of solutions can ATARA Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy provide?

We can compound all type of non-sterile (not eye drops or injections) medicines for animals. Years of experience have taught us what dose forms work best with certain drugs and we work with veterinarians and owners to ensure each patients needs are met to the best of our abilities. Medicines can be made in a wide variety of flavours, sizes and forms to suit any patient whether with fur, feathers or scales.

Transdermal gels

Transdermal gels are where the medicine is rubbed into a suitable area of the skin such as the inner ear tip or back of the neck, can be compounded for certain medicines. This can be a game changing alternative.


Capsules come in an array of sizes, from tiny to very large, can contain the correct, accurate dose for an animal of any weight, or even multiple medications in some cases, in the one capsule.

Ear Products

Ear products can be customised to contain the drugs effective to treat the exact type bacteria and fungi tested to be present, improving treatment outcomes and minimising the risk of resistance.
vet compounding pharmacy

Bet you didn’t know we can compound this!

Most people know that vet compounding pharmacies can provide unique and hard to get capsules, creams and mixtures but did you know that’s not all by any means! For animals, sometimes unique and one off ideas are called for.

 – Long-acting products that stay in places like ears and anal glands.
 – Adhesive powders with medications that treat hot spots and wounds.
– Suppositories in very unusual sizes!
– Topical pain drops for injured wildlife.
– Sticky oral gels for horses.
– Tiny liquid doses for rats, rabbits and guinea pigs.
– Periodontal pocket products.

Because the products are made individually for each patient, all sorts of pet medication needs can be met with a little creative thinking. Talk to us, we’d love to help.